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In 2010, the Government of Canada introduced the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy - a groundbreaking strategy that will have a profound impact on the Canadian economy.

If Nova Scotia is chosen as one of two major providers of these ships, the impact on our fellow provinces and territories will be huge.

We are ready to build these ships in Nova Scotia. Our professional shipbuilders have already built more than 80 per cent of the surface combat fleet.

Quite simply, we build the best ships - it’s in our blood. Nova Scotia is ready. Bring it on.

Canadian impact

More than any other competing shipyard, Nova Scotia’s bid will have long-lasting economic benefits across the country.

For every $1,000 spent in procurement inside Nova Scotia, another $491 in real GDP will be generated in other regions across Canada.

If Nova Scotia earns the right to build the next generation of Canadian ships, Canada wins.